British Columbia Summer Motorcycle Riding Challenges

Living in British Columbia we have some of the best riding routes in all of Canada. Sure we love riding that Duffy Lake loop or cruising the Sea-to-Sky Highway on the weekend, but the riding season is long on the west coast and the highways can get clogged with campers and commuters. So instead of riding to Harrison Hot Springs for the millionth time, try out these BC Motorcycle Riding Challenges!

Ride by Numbers

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While cruising through the country, it’s hard not to notice that our highways are labeled by with numbers. The Ride by Numbers Challenge challenges the rider to find and ride 10 different highways, Highway 1 through Highway 10. From Vancouver Island to the Kootenays, this challenge will take you all over the province and show you just how diverse beautiful British Columbia can be.

– Highway 1: Trans Canada
– Highway 2: South East of Dawson Creek
– Highway 3: Crowsnest
– Highway 4: Tofino
– Highway 5: Coquihalla
– Highway 6: Kootenays
– Highway 7: Lougheed
– Highway 8: Merritt
– Highway 9: Aggasiz
– Highway 10: Surrey/Langley

Be sure to document your travels in order to prove that you road all 10 highways in one summer (don’t forget to tag #barnesnation).

For extra bragging rights, try doing this to challenge in another province or see how high you can get in numbered highways in BC. Hint: the nest numbered highway in the sequence, Highway 11, is also known as the Abbotsford-Mission Highway!

The Alphabet Challenge


This is a big one folks! To complete The Alphabet Challenge, you must ride to a city or town for each letter of the alphabet. For example, A for Abbotsford, B for Boston Bar, and so on and so forth for all the 26 letters of the alphabet.

This challenge is one that can be completed anywhere in the world and adapted to your own abilities and goals. That’s what makes this the ultimate summer challenge! Whether you start at A and do the cities sequentially or you go all over the map and hit each one along the way, this challenge can be as hard or a easy as you want it to be.

Do you know any other riding challenges?

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or you ride daily, these challenges will add to your summer and create experiences you’ve never had before.

Do you know of any other riding challenges? Let us know in the comments!

If you like these challenges, check out the Game of Barnes app for more riding challenges and to see how completing these challenges could help you win a brand-new Harley-Davidson Sportster!


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