Our goal is to earn the privilege to be your Harley-Davidson® dealership.

Our goal to our customers: 

We will earn the privilege to be your Harley-Davidson® dealership by making it easy for you to live the Harley-Davidson® lifestyle in a way that is personal and meaningful to you.

Our goal to our team:

We will partner with you to give you the tools you need to build a rewarding career for yourself. If you put in the work, there is no limit to what you can achieve at Barnes Harley-Davidson®.


Our Values

We are honest and ethical.

At Barnes Harley-Davidson® we do what we say we will do. We won’t make a promise to you that we are not going to keep. From the way we advertise and market our products to what comes out of our mouths—if we say it, you can trust it.

We put our customers’ needs above our needs.

At Barnes Harley-Davidson® we put our customers’ needs before our own because we are a service organization. It is our duty and privilege to bring you the Harley-Davidson® experience you want, on your terms.

We treat people the way we want to be treated.

At Barnes Harley-Davidson® we treat you the way we want ourselves and our family members to be treated.

We reward hard work and results.

Barnes Harley-Davidson® team members are expected to work hard to grow our business by delivering excellent Harley-Davidson® experiences to our customers. We can’t expect our team members to work this hard without being rewarded better than anyone else in the business.

We are open and transparent.

Barnes Harley-Davidson® believes that information is power and too many people keep information to themselves because they feel it makes them more powerful. At Barnes Harley-Davidson® we believe sharing all information with everyone at all levels of the organization makes everyone more powerful. If you need the information, just ask, and it’s yours.

We are willing to help.

Barnes Harley-Davidson® wants to make the world a better place. We give back to our communities in significant ways. We are happy to help our customers, our manufacturer, suppliers, and even our competitors to make the Harley-Davidson® experience a reality to as many people as possible.


Our Story

Many times people ask who is “Barnes” or how did the Barnes family get involved in the motorcycle business, specifically Harley-Davidson®? Let us share with you our journey to where we are today.

The Barnes family has been in the automotive business in Western Canada for the last 35 years, starting with Greg Barnes purchasing a General Motors dealership in Camrose, Alberta. In 1988 the family moved to Prince George where a larger GM dealership became available for purchase. In 1992 the opportunity came to purchase Pacific GMC in Coquitlam, so once again, up we moved to the lower mainland where we have remained ever since.

Since 1992 we have expanded by purchasing the Ed Klassen Pontiac dealership in Surrey, the Don Carr Chevrolet dealership in White Rock, Barnes Nissan – Vernon (since sold) and in 2003, Southside Harley-Davidson® in Langley, which we then branded “Barnes Harley-Davidson®”.

In 2015 we expanded our Harley-Davidson® dealer foot-print by purchasing Steve Drane Harley-Davidson® in Victoria and re-branded in “Barnes Harley-Davidson® Victoria”. With this purchase, Barnes Harley-Davidson® became the largest Harley-Davidson® dealer group (by sales volume) in Canada. In 2016 Barnes Harley-Davidson® was awarded the open point in New Westminster and purchased Kamloops Harley-Davidson® in April of 2016.

The rapid growth puts Barnes Harley-Davidson® at the top of customers’ lists when they are looking for the ultimate Harley-Davidson® experience. Barnes Harley-Davidson® is now responsible for approximately 80% of all new Harley-Davidson® motorcycles sold in British Columbia on an annual basis.

Today Barnes Harley-Davidson® is truly known as a family organization, with Brian Barnes, the eldest son of the Barnes Family, serving as the Chief Operations Officer. Prior to being General Manager of Barnes Harley-Davidson®, Brian served as General Manager of Barnes Nissan in Vernon. Greg Barnes continues as President and Dealer Principal, while Ingrid Barnes, wife of Greg Barnes, managed marketing and HOG activities but has since retired (2012). Ashley Barnes, sister of Brian Barnes, was formerly Motor Clothes manager, but is now a Business Manager at the Barnes Wheaton GM North Surrey Store.

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