This App Will Make Your Summer Unforgettable

biker and motorbike ready to rideWe all love riding, but running the same routes over and over again by yourself can get a little monotonous. Where should you ride next? Who are you going to ride with? What route should you take?

This riding season will be different. With the Barnes Nation: Game of Barnes app, you can connect with a new community of riders, go on new adventures, and at the end of the riding season, you could end up with a FREE brand-new motorcycle!

Barnes Nation: The Game of Barnes is a new interactive app that combines completing missions and collecting points for a chance to win weekly and grand prizes.

Enjoy riding as a community while competing in a season long scavenger hunt!

As riders, we crave that feeling of adrenaline as we rip around corners with white knuckles. We want to explore new roads while the wind rushes past our faces. The riding community can be very diverse from people who prefer sport bikes to those who love the comfort of a touring bike, but there’s one thing that brings us all together; our love for bikes.

With Game of Barnes, we are bringing everyone together under one big roof by creating activities anyone can complete in order for them to create a community, earn points by completing missions, and win prizes. No matter what you ride or where you live, this app is for you!

Complete missions, earn points, and you could win a brand new Harley-Davidson®

We at Barnes Harley-Davidson® are proud to announce the launch of our brand-new app Game of Barnes; a scavenger hunt app created for riders of every kind. Take photos of yourself completing missions like driving one of our favorite recommended riding routes or participating in one of our legendary summer BRAP nights to earn points and climb the leader board. Anything could be a mission including reading this blog post. By the way, the secret word is: Pancakes.


The Game of Barnes app will be playable until September 15th, 2018, at which point we will determine prize winners. If you’ve scored the most points by completing missions, you could WIN a FREE brand new Harley-Davidson® Street® 750! How cool is that?!

So what are you waiting for?! Grab your phone and download Game of Barnes from the App Store or the Google Play Store. For those of you who prefer desktop, we have a place for you too!

Follow this blog for all the latest updates from Barnes Nation: Game of Barnes, and Barnes Harley-Davidson®. You can also follow Barnes Nation on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

The adventure starts here. Join the Nation today!

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