Harley-Davidson® Announces Three New Products!

As a new quarter starts, Harley-Davidson® has announced in a recent press conference that they will be releasing an all-new line-up of products! Many have been questioning how Harley plans to attract younger riders with their aging demographics. They may have found the answer to their problems by branching out and releasing these unique products.

When asking the millennial generation why they weren’t interested in riding motorcycles, a study sponsored by the motorcycle giant Harley-Davidson® revealed that it wasn’t price that was the issue, but safety.

In a car, safety features are at the forefront with features including air bags, collision warnings, and automatic braking, but on a motorcycle, safety features are limited. Harley-Davidson® now has the answer with their all new ejector seat.

Road Fly Special

Coming stock on all new 2020 models, the ejector seat, lovingly called the Road Fly Special, will allow riders to literally push the big red button when things get too scary. Complete with a seat belt and all new patented technology, the Road Fly Special will shoot riders into the air at the push of a button, up and away from a harmful crash. While the Road Fly Special will only come stock for the Softail® and Touring models, modification kits can be bought for the Trike, Street®, and Sportster® models as well.

Pricing on this all new feature is still up in the air leaving us all on the edge of our stationary seats for the next round of Harley Conferences in August.

windshield wipers

Wind Glides™

The second product announced at the press conference was another safety feature, but this time it was an add-on for your gear. The Wind Glides™ are a pair of compact wind wipers that attach to your helmet to wipe away any rain or insects that could obstruct your view.

Powered by two brand-new miniature 107 cmm (that’s cubic millimeters) Milwaukee-Eighth Engines, the Wind Glides™ have enough power to wipe just about anything out of your eyes. The one bonus with the combustion engine power is not only will they help keep water out of your eyes, but they also have the added bonus of warming your head while you ride.

These bad boys will start at $50 USD for the base models and increase up to $300 USD for the 114 cmm models. When the Wind Glides™ will be released was not announced, but we suspect they will be released some time this year.

With the first two new products focusing on safety, it’s evident that Harley-Davidson® is taking the information from their latest consumer research to heart, but they also have our heart in mind too with this next product.

essence of tech

Essence of Technician

The final product released by the american motorcycle powerhouse is not something you would expect. We all love how great those certified Harley-Davidson® technicians take care of your bikes and you all wish we could be more like them. With this new product, you can be one step closer to that greatness with a new line of eau de toilettes called the Essence of Technician.

While the other two products fit well with Harley’s aim for a safer ride, we have to raise our eyebrows at this one. The official press release on this product states that “you too can get that smell of engine grease, motor oil, and sweat with the new musky perfume by Harley called Essence of Technician“.

We can see where Harley was going with this product. We all love the techs that keep our bikes running and the smiles on our face, but selling a special scent so we can smell like them may be a bit too far. All judgement will be held till we smell it on our significant other, but this may have been too much.

The Essence of Technician is expected to be in stores in early May, just in time for Mother’s Day.

With the release of the three brand-new Harley-Davidson® products, the Road Fly Special, Wind Glides™, and the Essence of Technician, Harley hopes to break the mold and attract new riders of all ages.

What do you think of these new Harley products? Do you plan on purchasing any of them?

Let us know in the comments!

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