Top 10 Motorcycle Riding Routes in British Columbia


With summer in full swing, there is no better time to haul your Harley-Davidson® out for a ride. We’ve done the research, we’ve read the articles, and we’ve interviewed our own in-house experts. Are you looking for new places to ride this season? Here are our Top 10 Motorcycle Riding Routes in British Columbia.

10. Vernon – Needles Ferry

1 hour and 46 minutes


This straight ride is smooth and easy. There are a few twists, turns, and even a couple of sharp corners, but nothing too extreme. Take the time to stop and enjoy the scenery as you go. If you are looking to extend your trip, there are plenty of beautiful stops along the way. Marvel at Shuswap Falls, enjoy a packed lunch at Echo Lake Provincial Park, or make it a weekend trip at stay at the Tukaluk Campground across the river.

Depending on where you’re starting, this can be a quick afternoon ride or a full day or weekend ride. If you are coming from Kamloops it takes about 1.5 hours to arrive in Vernon. If you are heading North from the Fraser Valley it will take about 4 hours to arrive at the beginning of this ride. Sometimes it’s not about where you start out – it’s about the journey itself.


9. Peachland Loop

7 hours and 16 minutes

Peachland loop1.png

The Peachland Loop is another fun day trip with tons of great BC treasures to see along the way. This ride can be completed in a day, or you can easily turn this into a weekend getaway by spending one or two nights in the selection of hotels and motels along the loop.

This ride is easily accessible from either the Fraser Valley area or the Kamloops area. Find your way to the Trans-Canada Highway and head towards Merrit or the BC-97C. Follow BC-97C through to Peachland and maybe stop for a few peaches along the way if they are ripe. Head south towards Osoyoos. Depending on where you started on the loop you will either head towards Hope or back into Kamloops.


8. Merrit/Manning Park Loop

4 hours and 43 minutes

Merrit Manning Park1.png

The Merrit/Manning loop ride is a nice medium length for a sunny weekend day trip. This ride can easily be completed in one day, including time spent stopping for gas, attractions, and other fun things along the way.

Get on the Trans-Canada Highway and head east towards Hope. Follow signs towards Merrit. Once you are in Merrit, head right and follow signs for Princeton/Kamloops BC-5A. Head down towards the boarder, through E. C. Manning Provincial Park and the Sunshine Valley. Connect back with Hope and hop back on the Trans-Canada Highway to head back home.


7. Pemberton Portage Road

2 hours and 18 minutes

Pemberton Portage Road1.png

If you are looking for a road with some scenic views, this is definitely the road to ride. Start anywhere in Pemberton and follow signs for Lillooet and Cache Creek. Continue onto Pemberton Portage Road and follow it to the end of the lake, which is just at the beginning of Anderson Lake Road. This is not a loop ride, so you will have to turn around once you get to the end, as there are no connecting roads—but then you get to work out both sides of your neck equally by watching the lake pass you by on the other side.


6. Golden Ears Loop

2 hours and 16 minutes

Golden Ears Loop1.png

Looking for a quick ride in the Fraser Valley area? This is a perfect ride for someone who just needs to get an escape for a few hours from their regular life. This ride has several scenic stops along the way and is a great ride to do as a group.

There is an option to make a quick stop at Allouette lake. If you’d rather just enjoy the Mighty Fraser River, you don’t need to follow the Golden Ears Provincial Parkway. You get a bit of city driving and a bit of back-road country driving on this loop. We’ve got the ride starting off in the Walnut Grove area, but you can easily hop on the route wherever you are and follow it through.


5. Harrison Hot Springs Loop

2 hours and 32 minutes

Harrison Hot Springs Loop1.png

This is a fantastic ride for a summer evening or to do after work, as it is not too long. The views of the Fraser River are fantastic. Depending on where you live it is easy to jump onto this loop and make your way through to Harrison Hot Springs. The ride takes you directly to Harrison Lake and reroutes you back the same way you entered, except you ride through Agassiz and Chilliwack to complete the loop and get back home.

You’ll get fantastic views of the sunset on this route. You might even have the opportunity to see some wildlife at one of the many beautiful stops along the river. If you want to turn this loops into a great evening out, there are a handful of great diners and locally owned restaurants to visit throughout the route.


4. Vancouver to Hope

3 hours and 54 minutes

Vancouver to Hope1.png

The roads from Vancouver to Hope truly show off the beauty and variety that the Fraser Valley has to offer. You’ll pass through busy cities and quiet farm roads. You’ll pass huge skyscrapers and then serene rivers. All of these different cityscapes will pass before your eyes in under 2 hours. This route is another great one to do as a group on a weekend or after work one night. If you have friends who also ride but are from out of town, this is a great way to show off your home.

The easiest way to start this ride is to get on the Trans-Canada Highway and head towards Hope. Once in Hope, you’ll need to head towards Agassiz. Eventually you will connect with Dewdney Trunk Road and follow it through to the Coquitlam area. From here you can either keep travelling through to Vancouver and find your way back onto the Trans-Canada Highway to get back home, or you can get onto the Highway in Coquitlam if you’re ready to throw in the towel.


3. Highway 4 – Pacific Rim Highway

2 hours and 26 minutes

Highway 41.png

This is said to be one of the most beautiful and scenic rides on the island. The twists and turns of the road will have you feeling relaxed and the breathtaking ocean and forest views will keep your sense of adventure running high.

You can either begin or finish this ride in Tofino. You ride along Sproat Lake and Kennedy Lake, and then of course right along the ocean. Either way, you are surrounded by beautiful views of nature with plenty of places to stop and do all sorts of activities like hiking, cliff jumping, camping, and exploring.


2. Juan de Fuca Loop/Pacific Marine Loop

3 hours and 54 minutes

Juan de Fuca1.png

British Columbians from all locations will love this ride. With the ride itself only being about 4 hours long, that leaves ample time to take the ferry to the island and back to the mainland if necessary. This loop ride is a fantastic way to see a large portion of Vancouver Island. The majority of the ride is near water, so you are guaranteed striking views of our province and ocean.

Start in the Swartz bay area, or the ferry terminal if you had to ride over from the mainland. Head south towards Victoria and follow signs for the Juan de Fuca Highway/BC-14 W. Follow the highway all the way up to Port Renfrew, then head right towards Lake Cowichan. Once you reach Duncan, you can connect back with the Trans-Canada Highway and follow it down to the Langford area. Follow signs for BC-17 if you are getting back onto the ferry.


1. Duffy Lake Loop

8 hours and 33 minutes

Duffy Lake Loop1.png

The Duffy Lake Loop is a well-known day trip that is frequented by motorcyclists. From start to finish, there are hundreds of popular stops along the way. Whether you are looking for food, rest stops, or even just picturesque views, this loop-ride has it all. This is a great motorcycle ride to do as a day trip, or you can even spread it over two days by staying at one of the many hotels or motels along the way.

To start this ride, all you need to do is get on the Trans-Canada Highway. Follow it through to Whistler and head straight to Cache Creek. Complete the loop by driving down through Boston Bar and Hope, and finally back home to wherever you started along the highway.

Whether you are looking for a quick escape after a long day at work or a weekend getaway, this list of our favourite riding routes in British Columbia has you covered. Let us know if you have ever done any of these rides before, and if you think they deserve a Top Ten spot!

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