Harley-Davidson® Livewire™: The Future of Riding with Barnes

As the Livewire™ is the first of its kind for Harley-Davidson®, the release of the bike will be limited to just 20 stores across the country with three of them in British Columbia. We are happy to announce that Barnes Harley-Davidson® Langley and Barnes Harley-Davidson® Victoria will be two of the three dealerships in BC to sell this much anticipated electric beast (which is now available for pre-order HERE with delivery expected in the fall of 2019).

Ever since Harley-Davidson® introduced Project Livewire™ to us in 2014, the buzz over Harley’s brand-new electric motorcycle has taken everyone by storm. Harley-Davidson®, the king of the belt-driven V-twin beast, coming out with an electric bike? Why would they do such a thing?! As the customer base of Harley is getting older, Harley is shifting gears and trying to also appeal to a younger, more tech-savvy audience.

Live Wire 2014

Since first reporting of the release of the Livewire™ back in August, there has been some new information released for Canadians.

The Livewire™ will be starting at $37,250 MSRP with the average range of 177 km and it doesn’t disappoint with the ability to go 0 to 100 km/h in under 3.5 seconds.

Harley Davidson® also introduced “H-D Connect Service” a new way to connect your device to your bike, with built-in LTE Wi-Fi and GPS. They’ve also made charging your new Livewire™ easy with two options to charge your bike and a fully adjustable suspension for extra customization of how you ride.


Does this sound like your dream bike? Well you’re in luck! With Barnes Harley-Davidson® having two dealerships authorized to sell the Livewire™, this means you can get your hands on the first Livewire™ bikes to hit the province while still getting the Barnes Experience! We are excited and honored for the opportunity to be your one stop Harley shop.

Throughout 2019, we will be retrofitting our facilities in preparation for the 2020 Model Year. Our Langley and Victoria location will have everything you need to keep your bike running and out on the streets. Since we aim to be the best Harley-Davidson® dealership in the world, we will also be sending technicians as well as sales consultants from all three of our locations down to the United States for hands-on certified training.


We know we’re looking forward to the future of riding, are you excited for the LiveWire™?

Welcome the Future!

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