2019 Harley-Davidson® Launch: The FXDR™ 114 and The Updated Touring Models

Harley-Davidson® wowed us today at the Annual Dealer Meeting with the announcement of the brand new FXDR™ 114 and their improvements to the rest of the HD line-up. After getting a sneak peek back in late July at what Harley has planned for the future, today has been the day all Harley fans have been waiting for.

Last year at the Annual Dealer Meeting, we saw the release of the all new Softail lineup, 114 ci and 117 ci engines, and 115 Anniversary paint sets. This year they have added to their extensive line of bikes, improving on what they have been building.

Since the release of the redesigned Softails last year, the sales of the family have increased 47% compared to the previous year’s Softail®, Dyna, and VROD sales combined. Surfing on this wave of success, today Harley-Davidson® released the all new FXDR™ 114.



FXDR™ 114

This drag-inspired bike takes the new Softail® models to the next level. With a performance first design, this bike boasts exceptional handling, aluminum components, and newly designed pipes and intake. For a full rundown of the FXDR™ 114, check out our exclusive post for more details.

While the launch of the new bike was the star of the show, Harley-Davidson® also announced improvements on their Touring and Trike line-ups too.

Model Year 2019 GAP Photography.

Improvements for Touring and Trikes

All new 2019 Tourings and Trikes will be equipped with the newly updated Boom!™ Box GTS infotainment system. This will replace the old digital consoles with a touch screen (made of anti-glare gorilla glass for those sunny rides), navigation, and Apple Carplay.

On top of the updated electronics, all Trikes and Touring Specials will come standard with a 114 ci Milwaukee-Eight engine to get you where you need to go in comfort and style. The Trikes will now also come standard with ABS and improved traction.

Another improvement on the 2019 models is the lean angle controlled LED headlamp which moves according to which direction you lean in. This will increase visibility and improve your driving experience.

Concept Bikes

For the first time outside of the factory, Harley-Davidson® debuted their new collection of concept bikes including the Streetfighter, Pan America™, and the Livewire™.


As mentioned in our previous post, this Streetfighter-style bike is a naked roadster designed for hard acceleration and hard breaking. Made for adrenaline junkies that craves power and control, this bike was created for performance. While we would all love to know more about the bike, the name and the specs won’t be release until a later date.


Pan America™

The second bike revealed was the Pan America™. This adventure touring is the cause of much excitement and anticipation in the Harley world. With a high ground clearance, specialized suspension, and off-road tires, this bike will be sure to make any rider buckle at the knees. Be sure to get it as soon as it comes out because the demand for this bike is already huge.



Lastly Harley unveiled their brand-new electric bike, Livewire™. From it’s fame back in the day as the Livewire Project, this bike boasts improved battery life, a sporty look, and the promise of being the first of many electric bikes produced by Harley-Davidson®. In the next year Harley plans to be one of the leaders in electric vehicles and we couldn’t be more excited.


From the announcement of the new FXDR™ 114 to a preview of the three new bikes expected to come out in the next few year, this Annual Dealer Meeting has been one for the books.

What do you think of the new 2019 updates? Are you excited for the new FXDR™ 114? Leave a comment and let us know!

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