Uncompromising Performance: 2019 Harley-Davidson® FXDR™ 114

The 2019 Harley-Davidson® FXDR™ 114 has been launched and we are stoked! Harley brought out the big guns as we got an exclusive look at the 2019 launch this morning at the Annual Dealer Conference hosted in San Diego. Paint sets, parts and apparel were all revealed, however, the most anticipated segment was the new bikes and the FXDR™ 114 did not disappoint.

The Harley Davidson FXDR 114 in Action

With innovation being the focus for Harley in the coming years, the FXDR™ 114 aims to inspire a new generation of riders while still appealing to those hardcore Harley-Davidson® fans.


Described as a dragster crossed with fighter jet, this power cruiser offers the fresh style, killer performance, and advance technology we have been waiting for. The 2-1-2 muffler has a beveled shaped which echos the dragster style intake making it that sporty-looking Harley we’ve all dreamed of.

Harley Davidson 2019 FXDR 114 Details
Harley Davidson 2019 FXDR 114 Details


With 119 pound-feet of torque and weighing 668 lbs in running order, you’ll be able to rip on this bike. This Softail® based performance bike is a “long and lean power cruiser” that focuses on power and handling. With forward controls, inverted front forks, and a monoshock rear suspension, the smooth adrenaline packed ride of the FXDR™ 114 will make you instantly fall in love.

The front tire of this bike measures up at 19″ with premium dual front disc brakes while the back fat tire 18″ tire helps you grip the road and tackle any obstacle. With exceptional leaning capabilities, and improved ground clearance, this Softail® corners better than any other on the market (32.6 degrees and 32.8 degrees, left and right respectively).

Harley Davidson 2019 FXDR 114 Front
Harley Davidson 2019 FXDR 114


The FXDR™ 114 in the base color Vivid Black is starting at $26,499 with addition charges for paint sets. The upside is the cost of the bike also includes ABS and security system.

With an all new sport design, the FXDR™ 114 was made to ride hard and tackle corners with ease. This bike is just the beginning for Harley-Davidson® and we couldn’t be more excited.

Are you loving the new FXDR™ 114? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to book your test ride so you can get one step closer to owning that Harley you’ve always dreamed of.

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