Motorcycle Boots: What are my choices? 

There are 26 bones in each of your feet which mean a quarter of the bones in your entire body are protected by the shoes you wear.

Your boots should offer plenty of protection while supporting your ankles. Ideally you should opt for a boot that has anti-slip soles that are resistant to gas and oil.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Boots

What types of motorcycle boots are there?

There are different types of boots for different types of riding, but a standard motorcycle boot will consist of a protective material such as Kevlar or steel, sides that cover the ankle bone, and a protective toe box.

Water resistant boots will help keep your feel warm and dry in the winter. They will also provide you with more traction when you put your foot down.

Vented boots will help keep your feet cool and regulate your body temperature during the hot months.

Choosing between vented and water-resistant boots will depend on where you live and the riding you’re planning on doing.

Harley Davidson Womens Motorcycle Boots

Why are motorcycle boots important?

Too often you see riders cruising around in sneakers or street shoes. While this may look cool, you could regret it if anything could happen. If you were to fall over, the first place that 500lb motorcycle will go is directly on your lower legs.  Wearing proper motorcycle boots will protect your feet and ankles and save you from more pain than you know.

When looking for a good pair of motorcycle boots, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure the boots are comfortable. If the boots aren’t comfortable there is a possibility that it will be a distraction and in the end will cause fatigue. This could lead to a higher risk of accident.
  • Boots should be made out of a thick material that will protect against the elements, the heat from your exhaust, and any debris that could bounce up and hit you while riding.
  • The toe of the boot should be reinforced for extra protect. Dropping a bike of any size on your foot could lead to several broken toes.
  • Looking at the tread of the boots, there should be enough tread to provide traction on any type of surface, but not so much as to get your clutch stuck in them.

While I highly recommend you purchase boots specifically for riding, you could go with a well make, stiff, steel toe work boot. These will not have as much protection as a riding boot, but if anything were to happen, they are better than street shoes.

Finding the right boot is very important, you can visit us in store and our motor clothes department will be happy to help you find the right fit! Don’t have time to stop by? Check out our online store for all the latest styles:

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