New New New

Do you know those days? When everything is just, not there ?

You can’t seem to get that jump shot in, your morning commute to work is definitely longer than yesterday, and those irritating lights always decide to be red all at the same time. Welcome winter, we’ve been dreading you.


Who in the world is actually excited for those 20 minutes in the morning spent digging your car out of the snow? Then you have to leave work an hour early just to make it to work on time! 

Pssst…. Hey!

If there’s one thing good about the winter season, it’s Christmas! It’s a time for good cheer, eggnog, vacations, and gifts. Harley-Davidson® has gifts for you too.

23215650_10155134088000765_3125501351182217800_o (1).jpg

Feast your eyes on the brand-new 2018 Harley-Davidson® Sport Glide™.

This brand new bike has got it all:

  • 23897795_10154874359895124_1581503546_n.jpg
    Black and Chrome. The Classic Combination.

    Milwaukee-eight® 107 V-twin

  • 2:1 pipes
  • 698 lbs
  • Inverted forks
  • Quick-release front fairing
  • Quick-release rear cargo bag
  • Standard Security
  • Standard Cruise Control
  • Standard ABS

My first impression; Wow, what a gorgeous Softail®. The twin caps from the riders view, Mantis wheels with a 130mm front and 180mm in the back, that ridiculously tiny windshield (that actually does quite a bit!); the list goes on.

The front mini batwing fairing releases with just two clips and the rear cargo bags detach with a twisting lock which gives you that naked look in under 2 minutes.

And the fact that security, cruise control, and ABS are all standard?! Wow!

I’m not a huge fan of the 2:1 pipes that go from chrome to black. Maybe if Harley-Davidson® had kept them consistently black or chrome, it would’ve been cooler naked.

Using proper lifting techniques, of course.

When I first set eyes on the new Sport Glide™, it wasn’t as intimidating as I had imagined. Next to it was a 2018 Road King® that looked almost double the size of the Sport Glide™.

One thing I immediately noticed was the mirrors! Oh gosh, those mirrors fit so well with the marker setup. Not many bikes you see have mirrors that naturally flow with the bike – this one does.

The slick black with the logo just looks 👌

Slick, perfect size, gorgeous, and removable! These cargo bags look so good in person.

All in all, the 2018 Sport Glide™ definitely lives up to the hype. A sporty bike that’s easy to lean, that thrives when going up mountain turns and twisties. The pegs are placed a bit higher which allows for that lean. The bike looks great, feels great, and seats great. There may be a lack of comfort for a passenger, but after installing a couple of mods, you’ll be good to go.

Unfortunately, the day it arrived, it was raining and I didn’t get the chance to take it for a rip. That will have to wait for next time.


Overall, I love the new Sport Glide™ and I believe it’s everything Harley-Davidson® needed in their current bike line-up. A sporty bike that leans, but is super comfortable as your daily touring bike. I can’t give a complete recommendation as I haven’t ridden the bike yet, but, take it from me, you have to see this bike in person.

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