Harley-Davidson® Launches New 2023 Models!

With the new year come new models. This year is Harley-Davidson®’s 120th anniversary. Harleys have been ridden in World Wars and have adventured to the most remote corners of the Earth. This legendary brand needs legendary bikes for 2023, and you will not be disappointed! This year will be Harley’s biggest and best year yet! We have new models, new details, and new options to show you. So let’s cut the crap and get to the good stuff.

The 120th Anniversary Collection features a lineup of Harley-Davidson®’s most popular bikes in a brand new colour with anniversary badging.

The Freewheeler™ is back for 2023, with the dark custom trim treatment for the first time.

The all-new 2023 Road Glide™ 3 makes its debut, a new trike with the historical look and feel of Road Glide™.

The 2023 Nightster™ returns with a more simplified look.

The brand new 2023 Nightster™ Special joins the team with an impressive visual impact and comfort features.

The Breakout™ is back and completely reinvented, with a bigger powertrain, unique paint finishes, and all the rider tech you could ask for.

These new models will start arriving at our four Barnes Harley-Davidson® dealerships in Langley, Victoria, Kamloops, and South Edmonton in the coming months. They are going to go fast, though, so visit us as soon as possible to claim your 2023 model! You can also pre-order your 2023 here and check out our 2023 in-stock inventory here.

Haven’t had enough? Read on for more details on what these bikes have to offer…

120th Anniversary Collection

Harley-Davidson® has a rich history of celebrating their anniversaries and riding, and this year is no exception. New for 2023 are seven limited-edition, serialized motorcycle models featuring commemorative paint, finishes, and premium features that celebrate 120 years of Harley-Davidson® pride and craftsmanship.

Heirloom Red is a special colour created for the anniversary lineup. The paint has a very fine flake, making it feel particularly vivid. The colour is spread throughout the entirety of the bike. The oxblood finish in the seat is contrasted with gold stitching, the consoles have the gold-plated Harley-Davidson® logo and the serialization of each model, and it all ties together with the deep red details in the powertrain. The tradition of Harley-Davidson® is captured in Heirloom Red.

With all Harley-Davidson® anniversary bikes comes an anniversary badge. In 1954 the first anniversary badge was a beautiful chunky brass badge on the front fender. This year, Harley-Davidson® has integrated an eagle into the badge behind a diamond, echoing Harley’s art deco bikes from the ’20s.

A special addition to the 120th Anniversary Collection is the CVO™ Road Glide® Limited Anniversary Edition. Only 1500 of this work of art have been produced, and easter eggs have been hidden throughout the motorcycle. The Harley-Davidson® eagle and eagle feathers are scattered across the tank and saddlebags, creating a stunning flow from the front of the bike to the back. The paint appears black, but this is no regular black. Anniversary Black might appear black upon first glance, but a closer inspection will reveal a hint of red. And when you bring the bike out into the light, the deep red undertones come to life and accentuate the eagles and all the curves and angles of the motorcycle. This anniversary model is highly exclusive, but more CVO™s will be revealed later this year.

The 120th Anniversary Collection includes:

  • Fat Boy® 114
  • Heritage Classic 114
  • Ultra Limited
  • Street Glide® Special
  • Road Glide® Special
  • Tri Glide® Ultra
  • CVO™ Road Glide® Limited

2023 Freewheeler®

Harley-Davidson® has been in the trike game for a long time, and trikes are well-ingrained in motorcycle culture today. Harley has been making Freewheeler™ for a few years, but 2023 is the first time they will be applying the dark custom trim treatment. This motorcycle is absolutely soaked in blacked-out attitude from the front end, headlamp nacelle, tank console, hand and foot controls to the powertrain and exhaust. It’s back for 2023 with a new attitude and the same powerful 114 engine.

2023 Road Glide™ 3

Road Glide™ is a legendary part of motorcycle history for Harley-Davidson®, but we’ve never seen it on three wheels until now. Some riders were looking for the music, the fairing, the historical look of Road Glide™. Bringing all those together in one motorcycle was the goal of Road Glide™ 3. The wheels are big, bold, and beautiful, with a 19 inch front and 18 inch rears, and the infotainment system consists of a Boom!™ GTS 6.5-inch colour TFT touch screen. The engine design is classic Harley-Davidson®, a V-Twin with 45-degree cylinder angle for that iconic look-sound-feel.

This trike is ripe and ready for customization, and we can’t wait to see what you do with it.

2023 Nightster™

The ride and feel of the Nightster™ stands out from any other Harley-Davidson®. The heart of the bike is the Revolution Max 975 powertrain, which wants to climb higher and higher. The power keeps coming, even after third gear. It’s a ride that’s intoxicating and exciting, and begs you to push your limits. This Sportster® is here to stay.

For 2023, Harley-Davidson® has started to simplify the Nightster™’s look with the goal of celebrating the iconic Sportster® silhouette. The most obvious resemblance to its Sportster lineage is the shape of the airbox cover, which shares its profile with the classic Sportster® model fuel tank. The look is stripped-down and aggressive, and unlike any other motorcycle on the road.

2023 Nightster™ Special

For the 2023 Nightster™ Special, Harley has added a 5-inch riser, which integrates the 4-inch TFT display right into the top clamp, as well as a passenger pillion and passenger foot pegs. Also new to the bike are the split-seven spoke wheels. The badge on the air box cover stands out from the standard Nightster™, offering vintage styling. The Special has a big visual impact, carrying with it an aura of noir mystery.

The Special comes with the Revolution Max 975 powertrain, standard cruise control, and an improved front suspension. It also has different pre-programmed ride modes – Road, Rain, and Sport – to build road confidence.

2023 Breakout

First released in 2013, the Breakout™ has the quintessential Harley-Davidson® silhouette. It has a long, raked-out chopper look and slings low to the ground. The model has been completely reinvented for 2023 to make it better than ever. The 3.5 gallon tank has been replaced with a 5 gallon tank. The 103 powertrain it carried from 2013-2020 is gone, and taking its place is the most powerful powertrain Harley-Davidson® offers from the factory – the 117. This powerful motorcycle has 101 horsepower and 123 lb.-ft. of torque.

On the back end is a 240 millimeter tire. The larger front wheel has a 26 spoke roulette, a dramatic vibe that sets the bike apart. Harley-Davidson® knows that Breakout™ fans are huge fans of chrome, so this bike is drenched in it. The paintwork is luscious and beautiful, with unique finishes. The Softail® chassis gives amazing suspension and comfortable performance. The 2023 Breakout™ also has traction control, ABS, and available cruise control. All the modern conveniences are available for the 2023 rider without compromising on style.

Breakout™ is loud in more ways than one. In typical fashion, it purrs like a jaguar, but it’s undeniable style and eye-catching paintwork will draw all the right kinds of attention.

Let us know what you think of these new 2023 models in the comments below and stay tuned for more updates on Harley-Davidson®’s new 2023 lineup, such as which CVO™s will be revealed later this year!

Thanks for joining us! Pre-order your 2023 model here or check out all our 2023 in-stock inventory here.

Written by Raven Egan

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