Harley-Davidson Touring Rain Gear

Harley-Davidson Touring Rain Gear

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We all love to ride. It is always important to stay safe while we do it. If it is raining outside, you will want to make sure that you are taking precautions before taking off. One of these precautions is to make sure you are wearing the right gear. Harley-Davidson® offers some great gear to help you out. In addition, they also have parts for the bike that increase your chances of being seen from a farther distance. For everything you need to know, you can always stop by one of our Harley-Davidson® dealerships so we can answer all of your questions.


Stay Comfortable and Visible

When the sky opens up and lets loose with a torrent of cold, soaking rain, you need rain gear that you can count on. Harley-Davidson® riding gear is made to maximize your comfort when things get wet by providing more durable water resistance, increased breath-ability, and greater visibility on the road. Harley-Davidson® rain gear features fully seam-sealed construction, as well as double taped seams in high stress areas of the clothing to prevent leaking. The breathable fabric used for Harley-Davidson® rain gear utilizes micro-pores to allow moisture to escape your rain suit, without allowing itin. This means you not only stay dry, but you don’t get a buildup of perspiration inside your gear after an extended ride. Harley-Davidson® rain gear is also designed to make you safer on the road thanks to the high profile visibility features. When the rain is falling, driver visibility is always reduced and drivers are more likely to be distracted, so the strategically placed 3M™ reflective material keep you visible from every angle.

Awesome Features

When you choose Harley-Davidson® rain gear you can be sure that you’re choosing a setup that is purpose-built for riding a motorcycle in the rain. This apparel is designed to provide a perfect ride, and it’s the little details that really shine when you get your gear on. The inner leg of Harley-Davidson® rain pants are made with a heat resistant design so that you don’t have to worry about melting your pants on your exhaust pipe. The hood of an Harley-Davidson® rain jacket is designed to fit over your riding helmet, so you don’t have to endure a steady trickle of cold water down your back. The adjustable cuffs and waistband allow you to tighten the fit around your wrists and waist so you effectively seal out rain. To keep your boots and socks dry, riding pants feature a stirrup so your pant cuff stays securely below the top of your boot. Even the backside of your riding pants is designed for a better ride with a no-slip design that will keep your rear end firmly in the seat.

Is it Time for Gear?

You might think that you’re already covered in terms of rain gear. After all, you’ve had that old rain suit stuffed in your saddlebag for years and you hardly ever use it. That should be enough, right? Well, the truth of waterproof materials is that the water resistant components will break down over time, especially if not properly dried and cared for after use. If you pull off your riding pants and just cram them into your saddlebag, you may find that after only a few years they start to deteriorate. The average life of rain gear that isn’t carefully taken care of is about three years. Even if you picked up a suit a few years back, it may have become less effective since its purchase date. Keep in mind, when you buy Harley-Davidson® rain gear here at Barnes Harley-Davidson®, our rain gear comes with a one-year warranty. You’ll never be stuck with a substandard product – your ride really does matter to us.

Everyone riding a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle needs to be safe out there and Barnes Harley-Davidson® is here to help. Whether you need your bike serviced and checked out, or you’re interested in finding some new Harley-Davidson® rain gear, our friendly and professional staff are ready to assist you in all your needs.

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