Harley-Davidson® Reflective Riding Gear

Reflective Riding Gear from Harley-Davidson®

Riding Road


Safety is a top priority at Barnes Harley-Davidson®! We want all riders to be safe and alert when riding a motorcycle, regardless of outside conditions. If you want to ride at night it is important to make sure that you are visible to others. There is no reason why your safety aspects on your bike can’t have some style to them. We can provide you with information about making sure you are protected on the road. You can always visit us in Langley, British Columbia.


Exceptional Visibility

Staying visible on the road is key to keeping yourself safe when you ride. Harley-Davidson® is dedicated to helping you have the best ride possible, so we have teamed up with 3M™ to provide some of the coolest, most effective reflective riding gear. Our reflective motorclothes utilize 3M Scotchlite™ material to increase your visibility by up to four times what other reflective gear provides. The secret is Scotchlite™ retro-reflective technology, which redirects incoming light directly back at the source, where other gear simply scatters the light. This means that cars are able to see you more clearly, and from a greater distance than any other gear on the road.

Outstanding Style

Our awesome reflective material isn’t the only reason that you’ll be hard to miss while wearing our reflective motorclothes! No matter what your style is, our awesome looking motorclothes are going to turn heads on the road just as easily as they help you get spotted when you ride! If you like being noticed, then check out our awesome selection of riding jackets with aggressive designs for those who like to stand out or low key styles for folks who are just looking for a comfortable and safe piece of gear. Not only can you find an outstanding reflective quality in our selection of riding jackets, you can also find other gear to keep yourself in view on the road, including our reflective gloves and rain gear!

Superior Weather Protection

If it’s raining outside, there is no better time to try and be visible on the road. Misty, foggy conditions don’t always cause drivers to slow down, so we recommend picking up a rain suit equipped with the 3M Scotchlite™ reflective material. Not only will this make you easy to spot, but this gear provides outstanding weather protection from top to bottom thanks to the reinforced seams and waterproof material. If you’re looking to ride safely and comfortably in any weather, then come in and check out our awesome selection of Harley-Davidson® motorclothes for sale at Barnes Harley-Davidson®!

Whether it is raining outside or it is pitch-black, you want to make sure you are riding safe out on the streets and highways. Make sure that you have all of your safety equipment on you at all times and that it is all fully-functioning. We have different options for you here at Barnes Harley-Davidson®. We carry a large variety of safety equipment, including visibility and weather protection gear. Have any questions? Please give us a call or visit our Harley-Davidson dealership in Langley, British Columbia.

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